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What is the reading order of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series

There are currently 11 novels released that were written as a part of the Wheel of Time series. The order of which to read them is:

  1. The Eye of the World
  2. The Great Hunt
  3. The Dragon Reborn
  4. The Shadow Rising
  5. The Fires of Heaven
  6. Lord of Chaos
  7. A Crown of Swords
  8. The Path of Daggers
  9. Winter's Heart
  10. Crossroads of Twilight
  11. Knife of Dreams
  12. The Gathering Storm
    1. Robert Jordan also wrote a book by the name of New Spring. This book was written as a prequel to The Eye of the World and can be read at any time, although there are some minor spoilers if read before book 2, The Great Hunt. For the avid fans there is another sort of reference book available that will aid in the reading of all the books. This book is called The World of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time. It is written by Teresa Patterson and Robert Jordan himself.
      via WikiAnswers – What is the reading order of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series.

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