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Robert Crais Elvis Cole Novels

Elvis Cole is a fictional character in a series of Robert Crais’ detective novels. Elvis, who jokingly proclaims himself to be “The World’s Greatest Detective” on numerous occasions, is the classic private investigator: honest, straight-forward, and with a soft spot for a woman in trouble. He is a throwback to an earlier age, especially in the first few novels, which read like 1940s pulp magazine detective stories with snappy dialogue and violent action scenes
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  1. The Monkey’s Raincoat
  2. Stalking The Angel
  3. Lullaby Town
  4. Free Fall
  5. Voodoo River
  6. Sunset Express
  7. Indigo Slam
  8. L. A. Requiem
  9. The Last Detective
  10. The Forgotten Man
  11. The Watchman
  12. Chasing Darkness

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