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Jack Ryan novels by Tom Clancy

These can be read in publication order or chronological order.

By publication date

  1. The Hunt for the Red OctoberUS
  2. Patriot Games US
  3. The Cardinal of the Kremlin US
  4. Clear and Present DangerUS
  5. The Sum of All FearsUS
  6. Without RemorseUS
  7. Debt of HonourUS
  8. Executive OrdersUS
  9. Rainbow SixUS
  10. The Bear and the DragonUS
  11. Red RabbitUS
  12. The Teeth of the TigerUS

or chronological order

  1. Without Remorse
  2. Patriot Games (Based on a reference to Ryan’s age, which is 31 at the beginning of the novel. This roughly fits with a reference to the Princess of Wales expecting a baby – in reality, Prince William was born in summer 1982)
  3. Red Rabbit (circa spring of 1983)
  4. The Hunt for the Red October
  5. The Cardinal of the Kremlin (1987)
  6. Clear and Present Danger (1988)
  7. The Sum of All Fears (1991–92)
  8. Debt of Honor (1995–96)
  9. Executive Orders (1996)
  10. Rainbow Six
  11. The Bear and the Dragon (2000)
  12. The Teeth of the Tiger (2005, based on the age of Jack Ryan Jr.)

5 comments to Jack Ryan novels by Tom Clancy

  • i was beginning to consider i could be the only woman / man whom cared about this, at the very least now i acknowledge i’m not loco :) i am going to be sure to look into a number of various blogposts just after i get a little caffeine in me, it is really very difficult to read without my coffee, cheers :)

  • I have read eight of these books and have loved each one. give me more. Jack stay sharp.

  • Linda Welden

    What about the book that continue with Jack Jr. doing the dangerous work and Jack Sr being President? Can you add them to this page? Please!!!

  • Murph

    Have red all 12 of these and most all of opcenter and net force love them all


    I have listened to all 16 books in the Jack Ryan series and wish that there were more. My favorite on was Rainbow Six.

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