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Enders novels Orson Scott Card

The Ender’s Game series (sometimes called Ender series or Enderverse) is a series of science fiction books by Orson Scott Card. To date, there are 5 novels in the Ender’s Game series and 4 novels in the Shadow series. According to Card, there is no strictly preferred order of reading them, except that Xenocide should be read right before Children of the Mind.
The books can be read in the order they were originally written in or in chronological order.

Publication order

Ender series

  1. Enders Game
  2. Speaker For The Dead
  3. Xenocide
  4. Children Of The Mind

Shadow saga

  1. Enders Shadow
  2. Shadows of the Hegemon
  3. Shadow Puppets
  4. First Meetings (short stories)
  5. Shadow of the Giant
  6. War Gifts


  1. Ender in Exile

Chronological order

  1. First Meetings (short stories)
  2. Enders Game
  3. A War Of Gifts
  4. Enders Shadow
  5. Shadows of the Hegemon
  6. Shadow Puppets
  7. Shadow of the Giant
  8. Ender in Exile
  9. Speaker For The Dead
  10. Xenocide
  11. Children Of The Mind

Wikipedia has a section at’s_Game_(series)#Ender_series

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