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Conn Iggulden Emperor series

Iggulden’s debut book was The Gates of Rome, the first in a four-part series entitled Emperor. The series is based around the life of Julius Caesar, from childhood (The Gates of Rome) to his eventual betrayal and death (The Gods of War)

  1. The Gates of Rome
  2. The Death of Kings
  3. Field of swords
  4. Gods of War

Reading order of the Rift war books by Raymond E Feist

The majority of Feist’s works are part of The Riftwar Cycle, a fictional universe featuring the worlds of Midkemia and Kelewan. Human magicians and other creatures on the two planets are able to create “rifts” through dimensionless space that can connect planets in different solar systems. The novels and short stories of The Riftwar Cycle record the adventures of the people on the various worlds.

It is generally recommended that the books are read in the UK publication order :
Raymond E Feist official site

Reading order of The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

  1. The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  2. The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
  3. Life, the Universe and Everything
  4. So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish
  5. Mostly Harmless

The novels are described as “a trilogy in five parts”, having been described as a trilogy on the release of the third book, and then a “trilogy in four parts” on the release of the fourth book. The US edition of the fifth book was originally released with the legend “The fifth book in the increasingly inaccurately named Hitchhiker’s Trilogy” on the cover. Subsequent re-releases of the other novels bore the legend “The [first, second, third, fourth] in the increasingly inaccurately named Hitchhiker’s trilogy”. In addition, the blurb on the fifth book humorously describes the book as “the book that gives a whole new meaning to the word ‘trilogy'”.
The plots of the television and radio series are more or less the same as that of the first two novels, though some of the events occur in a different order and many of the details are changed. Much of parts five and six of the radio series were written by John Lloyd, but his material did not make it into the other versions of the story and is not included here. Some consider the books’ version of events to be definitive, because they are the most readily accessible and widely distributed version of the story. However, they are not the final version that Adams produced.
Before his death from a heart attack at age 49 in 2001, Adams was considering writing a sixth novel in the Hitchhiker’s series. He was working on a third Dirk Gently novel under the working title, The Salmon of Doubt, but felt that the book was not working and abandoned it. In an interview, he said some of the ideas in the book might fit better in the Hitchhiker’s series, and suggested he might rework those ideas into a sixth book in that series. He described Mostly Harmless as “a very bleak book” and said he “would love to finish Hitchhiker on a slightly more upbeat note”. Adams also remarked that if he were to write a sixth instalment, he would at least start with all the characters in the same place.[13] Eoin Colfer, who wrote the sixth book in the Hitchhiker’s series in 2008–09, used this latter concept but apparently none of the plot ideas from The Salmon of Doubt.

Artemis Fowl

The reading order for Artemis Fowl novels

  1. Artemis Fowl
  2. The Arctic Incident
  3. The Eternity Code/
  4. The Opal Deception
  5. The Lost Colony
  6. The Time Paradox
  7. The Atlantis Complex

Pern Books Suggested Reading Order for new readers

Reading order of Pern books by Anne McCaffrey
Found on Wikipedia

First Pass

  • The Chronicles of Pern: First Fall (1993, anthology)
    The Survey: P.E.R.N

  • Dragonsdawn (1988)
  • The Chronicles of Pern: First Fall (1993, anthology)
  • The Dolphins’ Bell
    The Ford of Red Hanrahan
    The Second Weyr
    Rescue Run

    First Interval

  • Dragonsblood (2005, by Todd McCaffrey) (some events)

    End of First Interval/Second Pass

  • Red Star Rising (1996) (called Dragonseye for US release)

    Second Interval/Third Pass

  • Dragon’s Kin (2004, with Todd McCaffrey)
  • Dragon’s Fire (2006, with Todd McCaffrey)
  • Dragon Harper (2007, with Todd McCaffrey)
  • Dragonheart (2008, by Todd McCaffery)
  • Dragonsblood (2005, by Todd McCaffrey) (majority of events)

    Sixth Pass

  • Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern (1983)
  • Nerilka’s Story (1986)
    “Beyond Between”

    Eighth Interval

  • The Masterharper of Pern (1998)
    Runner of Pern (1998)

    Ninth Pass

  • Dragonflight (1968, first novel written)
    “The Smallest Dragonboy”

  • Dragonsong (1976)
  • Dragonquest (1970)
  • Dragonsinger (1977)
  • Dragondrums (1979)
  • The White Dragon (1978)
    “The Impression”
    “The Girl Who Heard Dragons”

  • Renegades of Pern (1989)
  • All the Weyrs of Pern (1991)
  • The Dolphins of Pern (1994)
  • The Skies of Pern (2001)